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Step to manage the mobile devices

As the business expands, workers demand for the campaign that can help them to increase the productivity. Due to this management is giving the mobile devices like Tablet, Computers and Smartphone’s to the employees for corporate work. Even the businesses allow the employees to bring their own device (BYOD) in the organization for the corporate work. Here the solution of MDM comes into picture.

Below is the list of steps to manage the Smartphone devices with help of MDM solutions within the organization:

1. Activation

Whenever the employees bring their campaign at the workplace for the corporate use all these devices should be activated into the mobile device management system. This helps to protect and manage the mobile devices. As soon as the mobile device is registered within MDM system the message is sent on users mobile. This message will contain the URL, a login and an activation code. As soon as the employee login the device is listed with IT team.

2. Enrollment

In this device is prepared with the proper configuration for deployment purpose. Authentication of the device is done so that device is ready to read and comply with your company’s own. This will help the user to know about the companies policies when they use mobiles for corporate works.

3. Security

Even the Smartphone campaign under the Mobile Device Management solutions require the proper security. As the employees are using their personal phones so the IT team need to segregate the corporate and personal data. The IT teams implement the special security policies on the phones so that employees don’t use the unauthorized websites. They put special security policies which helps them to take the backup or wipe the data when campaign is lost or stolen.

4. Device Management

All the devices once deployed are managed properly. The data is wiped when it is lost or stolen. Even the device can be locked remotely. As soon as the employee leaves the organization the device is un-enrolled from the corporate network.

5. Monitoring

The IT team can now take the full view of the mobile device usage. They can monitor, track and view the device information in real time. Even they will come to know when employee tries to access the unauthorized app. As soon as employee downloads the unauthorized app the notification is sent to the IT team. The senior management team can also view the status of employee devices.