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Thing to watch before choosing a Digital Technology

If we take time back or rewind it we see that people at that time do very little for their entertainment when there was no medium of radio or multimedia or technology not improved that much. And not everyone was allowed to singing or acting. People were restricted in many art forms.

At that time only some people of a group did these kinds of jobs like going to someone’s house and singing in front of it often trying to get alms or something favor like this. Acting and singing at that time was not considered good thing and allowed for career options. Stage plays and street plays were not allowed and only done in some area and also restricted to watch but yet watched. Around the world there were different mediums of entertainments that people tried to keep themselves happy and busy.

Those people who were not allowed and able to watch and see these plays, found their solace somewhere in the corner writing or thinking about life and things, perhaps one of them or few of them might have thought of any recording medium or any equipment provided they could see what they might have missed or wanted to record what they like provided they could watch it whenever they wanted in their life but improvement happened slowly and gradually with a pace not rapidly.

Technology improved and there were the time when some recording equipment came and those were 8mm, 16mm, super 8mm cameras that laid a path for those who were very much interested in creating films or videos or perhaps with the help of these equipments they got interested in it. Now there was a new time when people were gradually broadening in the way of their thinking and considering arts mediums a way of earning and fane like making a movie, dancing, singing and others too.

Now people had also an option or you can say a kind of freedom that whether they could go to watch or saw in a TV or in a cinema. New terms and words were coined for those people who worked in a cinema and with its other mediums like actors, actresses, directors, producers, cinematographers, designers, compositors, editor and many others. It was a time of art era in which many arts got formed and got recognized in masses. There were the names of Lumiere Brothers, Georges Melies, Dada Shaab Phalke and others who were known and recognized pioneers in movie field.

Now the world was changing, people were changing, technology was improving and everything was improving and changing. Many cameras came and other equipments of recording too, so there were discs on which videos were now being recorded and watched in cinema but as many as movies were made as many discs were there so there is a need felt for converting them some classic movies provided today they can be watched with latest technology.